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The SARA PARK ANGUS stud is based at our property “Rutherglen”, Wellingrove which is situated 23km northwest of Glen Innes on the Northern Tablelands.

Annual Bull Sale is held on property on the last Friday of July each year.

At Sara Park we’ve been breeding Angus since 1995, and as a family we’ve been breeding cattle in the New England since the early 1900’s. New England is a unique place to live with beautiful,
distinct seasons, and we’re proud to call it home. We are fortunate to have country on both the east and west of Glen Innes, offering us the best of both worlds.

In conjunction with the stud, we also
run a large commercial herd of angus cattle.

Our focus is to build a stud that straddles the divide of modern performance and sound functional workable cattle that produce a live calf every year. To breed cattle that perform on both grain &  grass is an art, and as a family we know that. It is pleasing for us to see the progeny of our stud bulls delivering well in the commercial market, consistently topping weaner sales in their districts.

This is the fulfilment of our breeding objective – to help the cow calf operator consistently improve their herd and increase their profitability. We know that means being paid a premium for kilograms weaned.


For 55 years, Herb has brought exceptional stockmanship to his herd. More recently, Jeff and Robert have added a new dimension of modern performance genetics, and this combination has been
complimentary to the operation.

Further still, we welcome our 3rd generation as the grandchildren continue the legacy.

We are so excited to see them developing an interest in and passion for the industry that is such an integral part of our lives.


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"Rutherglen" 347 Wellingrove Road, Glen Innes NSW 2370

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